SICK! Hospital janitor impregnates nearly 40 women in a coma


38-year-old janitor Juan Enrique Rafael Ramirez Rene Lopez was apprehended by police after being accused of sexually assaulting several women in a coma where he worked at Bernalillo Medical Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Authorities were warned by the Lopez’s girlfriend that he was sleeping with women in a comatic state at his workplace after the couple had gotten into a fight and she had threatened to leave him. Mr. Lopez told his girlfriend that he had cheated on her multiple times with women at the hospital. Visibly distraught by the whole affair Lopez’s girlfriend said:

“He told me that I was boring in bed, that he could get laid as much as he wanted at his job and that he got laid all the time. That’s when I got suspicious. He often joked around about the patients in coma at the hospital. He liked to brag about how he could fart in their faces and put the music really loud and no one would ever complain.”

What’s even more disturbing is Lopez even sent pictures to his girlfriend doing unspeakable acts. In tears, his girlfriend admitted:

“He even sent me selfies of himself on Snapchat with his pants down while he was farting in their faces, it was really gross. I wish I had warned authorities earlier but he had promised me we would get engaged.”

After an investigation, the hospital’s administration found Lopez possibly impregnated 26 of the 37 women ranging between 13 and 43 years of age in the rehabilitation department.

Traces of semen, urine and fecal matter were found by inspectors on the genitals of the patients, but also on different areas on their bodies and their faces. In her report, forensic investigator Diane Tell wrote:

“144 specimens of semen, urine and fecal matter were found on the various victims’ feet, legs, genital area but especially the mouth, ears and eyes.”

The report also found Lopez ejaculated in his victims’ hair, as 90% of the semen was found in that area.

An Albuquerque Police spokesman also confirmed that traces of fecal matter were also found on 13 of the 17 men in a comatic state as well.

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  1. Frank

    June 10, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    Let’s see 37 rape convictions carrying no possible parole at minimum of 25 yrs each……he will live about 2 hrs. In prison. Now what piece of fecal matter will be his lawyer an plead for leniency.

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