“I Don’t Serve Cops” – Looks Like It’s Time to Boycott Dunkin’ Donuts


“I don’t serve cops.”

An employee said after he refused to serve to NYPD police officers.  The incident occurred within a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts.

A manager defended the store.  He rebutted the claims and said the officers were standing in the wrong line, but the store has yet to release the video surveillance.  Clearly, he’s lying.  Now, the city’s detective union is calling for a boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts.  They demand an apology.  Good for them!

Although this is most likely an isolated incident, it’s a reflection on the state of New York.  Mayor De Blasio has hinted that he is not on the side of the police frequently.  With the mayor’s blessing, people are behaving like the aforementioned Dunkin’ Donuts employee.

As a resident New Yorker, the way our police are being treated is disheartening.  Their presence is always readily apparent, even in the toughest of areas.  Love their donuts, but I want to support our boys in blue.

Although it is most likely a one-off case, Dunkin Donuts corporate offices issued a lackluster response.

From Dunkin’ brands spokeswoman Michelle King:

The franchisee who owns and operates this restaurant informed us…he contacted one of the police officers involved to personally apologize for any negative experience he may have had in his store.

The franchisee of the Brooklyn restaurant is meeting with the police officer he spoke to earlier this week in person to hopefully bring this to a satisfactory conclusion for all involved.

It is unclear if this apology has been considered a satisfactory response, but I doubt it.  Until then, let’s all get our morning joe elsewhere.


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  1. C Hayes

    August 9, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    I have never been a fan of dunkin donuts. After this incident against the Police I definitely will go out of my way to avoid making any purchase in any dunkin donuts locations. They should be supporting Law Enforcement Officers, as they may need assistance some day at their place of business.

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