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Michelle Obama’s Food Guru Indicted for Stealing $65,000 From the School Lunch Program


One of Michelle Obama’s food gurus just went down for embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds, conflict of interest, forgery, and perjury.

Another stand-up guy from the Obama administration.

Prior to his elevated status, David Binkle was just another chef from California.  Michelle Obama handpicked him to participate in a round table discussion about healthy meals for children.  From that point forward, he became a “voice” for the former First Lady’s initiative “Let’s Move”.

Additionally, his essay was featured on the “Let’s Move” website.  It was, of course, littered with class resentment:

The city of Los Angeles is known all around the world for Hollywood, Beverly Hills, celebrities as well as glitz and glamour.  There are more than 125,000 millionaires and more than 20 billionaires in this city I now call home. But the reality is there is still a big discrepancy in quality of life between the elite and the majority of students I serve as food services director at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest school district in the country.

Binkle made $152,000 annually at his job making lunches for 700,000 children.  This was not enough for Binkle.  He embezzled $65,000 from the school lunch program to fund a private culinary consulting firm and for personal use.

I truly believe this could have just been a blunder on Michelle Obama’s part.  However, I also believe this is just another textbook example of what happens when big government demands too much control.

It’s really not the government’s job to force feed children.  And I’m not buying that the kids loved the food either.  Did anyone else see the “Thanks Michelle Obama” Twitter trend?

Here’s just one tweet of many:

It’s a wonder that liberals still choose to stomach this administration.  Pun intended.

Make sure to share this article.  Lord knows that the liberal media will be keeping this one under wraps.


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