15 Moroccan Teens Gang Raped a Donkey and Got Rabies


Liberals have made it a priority to bring refugees into the U.S.  They argue that Muslims are people “just like us”.

While I cannot argue that every person deserves to feel safe, I must argue against saying that they are “just like us”.

Muslim countries’ mentality is comparable to Europe during medieval times.  Mass amounts of people die and nobody bats an eye.  There is a lack of hygiene and infrastructure.  And now, there’s this.

A group of Moroccan teenagers contracted rabies after gang raping a donkey.

The incident occurred in the town of Sidi Kamel, a small rural town.  The sexually frustrated children cornered the poor animal and raped it.  Safe to say that the donkey got the last laugh (or hee haw).

Within a matter of days, multiple assailants were taken to local hospitals after falling ill.  Upon examination, doctors discovered it was rabies.

The doctors tried to find animal bites.  When no bites could be found, it was clear what had occurred.  One by one, the teens caved.

In Islamic countries, bestiality is common.  Most of the issue is due to the lack of sexual outlets for their youth.  In addition to donkeys, there have been instances of sexual acts on snakes, pigs, foxes, and elephants.

Harsh punishment is almost nonexistent for bestiality.  However, adultery and homosexuality are penalized with stoning, being thrown off buildings, etc.  Is it no wonder that these young boys decide to turn to farm animals?

So, next time a liberal tells you that you don’t have a heart, tell them they must like animal abuse.


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  1. C Hayes

    August 12, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Good! They got what they deserve.

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