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Shocking New Money Laundering Scheme Between ISIS and eBay Discovered


ISIS is a money-hungry organization.  Something we’ve known for a long time.  They engage in all sorts criminal activities in hopes of making a quick buck.

Examples include selling counterfeit passports, kidnapping for ransom, and stealing livestock.  When they conquer territories, they also impose taxes on the people.  Sadly, the schemes work.  ISIS continues to spread like a cancer throughout the world.

In their latest discovery, the FBI has found a money laundering scheme between ISIS and eBay.  Last year, an ISIS operative named Mohamed Elshinawy was arrested in Maryland and a lengthy investigation began.  The investigaiton discovered that Elshinawy was funneling money through a bogus eBay account into the U.S.  Allegedly, the account sold printers and performed fake transactions.

Instead, it served as a means for ISIS to inject funds into a PayPal account.  Mr. Elshinawy admitted he knew the money was to be used for future terrorist attacks, but he was not the person that would be conducting them.

Mr. Elshinawy received $8,000 from ISIS abroad – he used this money to buy a laptop, cell phone, and VPN to communicate with the organization.

Remember the days when ISIS was just “the JV team”?  Now, the organization is sophisticated.  Their usage of technology could put some companies in the U.S. to shame.  Recent efforts include an app geared to children.  There is also a 24-hour help desk for its members.

Kudos to the FBI for remaining ever-vigilant in these matters.


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