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Steve Bannon A Leaker? Could He Be The Next To Go In The White House?


A new Axios report Saturday reveals President Donald Trump believes his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is the man behind leaks from the West Wing.

Axios citing sources in the West Wing of senior-level staff in the White House believing Bannon is the man behind some of the leaks, more specifically the leaks targeting Trump’s national security adviser, General H.R. McMaster. Let’s just say if this is true, Bannon’s job will be in jeopardy.

Axios writes Trump is “fed up” and “irritated” with Bannon for a number of reasons, including “self-promotion.” Trump is reportedly displeased Bannon –the former chairman of Breitbart News — sat idle while Breitbart News ran a number of articles targeting McMaster.

Axios reporting since General John Kelly was sworn in as Trump’s new chief of staff in July, Kelly would do the “dirty work” and fire Bannon, who has seen his influence dwindle in just the 2-weeks that Kelly has been in the White House. Bannon has denied being behind the Breitbart stories, and there is no evidence to suggest that he is behind them.

But Axios reports Bannon’s alleged reluctance to stop the stories is troubling, seeing Bannon has a history of intervening with Breitbart to influence positive stories for the Trump administration. Axios reporting:

But the source wondered why Bannon hasn’t raised a finger to stop the hit pieces against McMaster that have run on Breitbart, a publication he used to run. The source pointed out that when the media began reporting, early in the administration, that Bannon was warring with Reince, the two went to extraordinary lengths to prove their friendship, and Bannon went to extraordinary lengths to shut down the narrative.

Leaks have been a major part of the Trump administration, and Kelly has vowed to crack down on any staffer who is caught leaking, no matter their rank or proximity to President Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has also made public vows to crackdown on government leaks saying the Department of Justice is reviewing their policy on issuing subpoenas to news outlets that publish sensitive information. Also, Sessions saying the Department of Justice will be committing more resources to cracking down on the leaks.

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