Halle Berry Claimed Former Classmates Were Racist – Classmates Set the Record Straight


Halle Berry is a major Hollywood star.  Superhero and Academy Award winner appear on her resume.  Now, she can add “liar” to the list.

Ms. Berry claims she was a victim to racism.  In her words, she was one of three African Americans in a school of 2,500 people.  She claimed her former classmates isolated and bullied her.

If her comments are true, they are a testament to the leaps and bounds Halle Berry had to overcome.  Also, the statement reflects horribly on her former classmates.  Because of the disparaging implications, former classmates decided to set the record straight.

The entire story was a fabrication.

The first lie is debunked rather quickly.  Halle Berry’s school was 40% African American students.  Really, did she think nobody was going to fact check that?

Unfortunately, popularity is more subjective, but there is sufficient evidence to back this up.  According to her classmates, Halle was very well-liked.  In fact, they have photographic evidence.

First up:

Halle had popularity and status because she was on the cheerleading team.  She was good-looking and nice, and she wasn’t isolated by peers according to former classmates.  That directly contrasts the actress’s claims of isolation because of skin color.

Another classmate piled on evidence.  Next up:

Halle was prom queen.  Also note that many people of different skin colors in this picture.  It seems like there are more than three African Americans at the school.  Unless, of course, they’ve all been lumped into this picture.


It’s a shame that Halle Berry chose to do this.  Yet another example of an aging actress trying to stay relevant.  Unfortunately, she is doing it at the expense of her former classmates.

I would love to see her peers go on television to set the record straight.  The implications that they are racist could destroy careers, especially in the current climate.

Just stay real, Halle.  If you were popular, who cares?  Be a positive example that whites and African Americans can get along together.


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