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10 Famous American Statues That Liberals Want Torn Down


10 Famous American Statues That Liberals Want Torn Down

Looks like we are finding out just how slippery the slope can become.  Liberals are gaining confidence and demanding an array of historical monuments destroyed.  These are just ten of a rapidly growing list.

U.S. Capitol Confederate Statues

Nancy Pelosi first called for their removal.  Now, Senator Cory Booker tweeted that he will introduce a bill to get rid of them.

Mount Rushmore

Vice News’ Wilbert Cooper wants this national treasure gone.  The South Dakota monument depicts George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt.  Cooper believes this “deifies” the leaders, which makes it dangerous to people of color.  Or, maybe they’re just former presidents?

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams wants this statue gone.

Jefferson Memorial

In a conversation with Charlie Rose, Al Sharpton said funding toward this monument should cease.  First, Jefferson was a slave owner.  Second, he most likely had sex with some of his slaves.  Hey, it wouldn’t be Al Sharpton if he didn’t say something completely off the wall.

Albert Pike Statue in Washington D.C.

During the Civil War, Albert Pike was a general for the Confederate army.  Even though he was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson, liberals still marched on this statue.  Apparently, pardons only apply to illegal immigrants.

Pretty much every Confederate statue in Virginia

Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe wants state legislature to move the statues to museums or other appropriate settings.  In a statement last week, he said the statues were a “barrier” to progress.  Frankly, I can stomach this one a little more.  At least he is not calling for the statue’s outright destruction.

Confederate Soldiers Monument

Last week, this statue was destroyed in front of the Durham County Courthouse.  It reflects Mike Huckabee’s statements of the country moving towards complete anarchy.  On the bright side, eight activists were arrested for felonies.

Statue of John B. Castleman in Louisville

150 liberals gathered in Louisville, Kentucky last week to denounce this statue.  Long ago, John B. Castleman was a confederate officer.  The statue was raised over 100 years ago.

Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Located in Birmingham, AL, Mayor William Bell ordered that the statue should be covered up.  Two years ago, the statue was embedded in controversy.  City officials wanted to remove the statue, and it ended in a lawsuit with the state of Alabama.

Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in New York

Finally, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced these statues will be removed.  They stand in front of the City University of New York.


Now that we are obligated to destroy anything that offends a liberal, I wonder what’s next?


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  1. CPH

    August 21, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Lets get rid of ALL references and monuments and museums of the kennedys, obumbas, clintons, and any other democrats because they offend us.

  2. Mary Stevens

    August 21, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    How about Robert C Byrd of West Virginia???

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