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Navy Officer Joshua Witt Stabbed By ANTIFA Member for Looking Like a Neo-Nazi


Navy Officer Joshua Witt Stabbed By ANTIFA Member for Looking Like a Neo-Nazi

ANTIFA has made it no secret that they want to destroy the “fascists”.  In other words, they’re waging war on straight white males.  Now, they’re also waging war on their haircuts.  An ANTIFA member decided he didn’t like a young man’s haircut, so he slashed at him with a knife.

The incident occurred outside of a Steak and Shake in Colorado. Joshua Witt, a 26-year-old navy officer, was exiting his vehicle to get a milkshake.  His hair was closely clipped on the side of his head and longer on top – a relatively common look in 2017.

Joshua Witt has no tattoos that indicate he is part of a neo-Nazi group.  Apparently, his haircut just looked too neo-Nazi for a leftist liberal nutcase.

As Witt was exiting his car, the man approaches him.

Are you one of them neo-Nazis?

Then, the ANTIFA member proceeded to slash at Witt’s face with a knife.  He made it clear he was looking for an artery.  Luckily, Witt held up his hands and was able to block the move and re-enter his car.  At this point, the suspect fled.

Joshua drove to the hospital.  Thankfully, all he needed were stitches.  Clearly, it could have been much worse.  After the incident, he shared a post on Facebook to spread awareness.  It’s been shared almost 37,000 times.



The actual Facebook post is found here.

A police were filed, but the suspect is still at large.

Much to everyone’s confusion, Joshua Witt is receiving death threats from ANTIFA.  He is now thinking of changing his haircut because of the attack.  The irony here is that the self-proclaimed warriors against fascists won’t allowing people to go against their agenda.

The media needs to start recognizing these lunatics for what they are: fascists, lunatics, rioters.

Poor Josh.  All this for a milkshake.


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1 Comment

  1. Mike

    August 28, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for thou art crunch and good with ketchup.

    Witt has confessed he stabbed himself in his car after buying a little knife….now he’s in jail. Maybe MAGA Donald will pay his legal feels and bail?

    Since the world who is watching is aware most of Witt’s ilk so pissed off they can’t get laid without paying for it & aren’t man enough to be predatory as they talk themselves up to be, the same ilk are more than happy to incite someone else by advertising their false victimization.

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