Famous Painter Makes a Portrait of Obama and Trump – The Message is Clear


Famous painter Jon McNaughton just released a new painting of President Trump.

In 2010, he did the same for President Obama.  The paintings share the same themes but

are different.


Both paintings feature “the Forgotten Man”, but he is presented in very different ways.

Obama’s Version

Former presidents surround Obama in his painting.  The greatest presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, appear genuinely disgusted with Obama’s arrogant stance.  Added to their horror, he is stepping on the Constitution.  A blatant reference to the various times he violated the document while in office.

To the left of the painting, the “Forgotten Man” sits on a park bench.  This represents the millions of impoverished Americans under the administration.  Barack Obama faces away from him.  The message is clear: Obama did not care about the Constitution nor the common people.  His sole focus was pushing his own agenda.

Trump’s Version

Very much the same but different.  Trump’s version has very similar themes, but the actions are starkly different.  The Constitution is gone from under Trump’s foot.  In its place is a snake.  This symbolizes President Trump’s attempts to dispel the corruption within federal government.

Replacing the former presidents are military members, police officers, and veterans.  Trump turns toward “the Forgotten Man”, who is now seen growing a young plant.  This symbolizes a new start for the country.

The Difference is Clear

Since Trump has taken office, his policies have prioritized America over globalization.  Because of his efforts, the economy and jobs are surging.  Additionally, the apprehension of illegal immigrants has increased.

Obviously, these were two policies President Trump promised he would run on.  For the first time, we have a politician in office who does not make empty promises to gain votes.

Sadly, Dems continue to block Trump on practically every policy.  Still, it’s quite impressive what he’s already accomplished with so much opposition.

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  1. CPH

    August 31, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    The paintings are pretty darn accurate and speak for themselves.

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