Hollywood Reeling From Dozens of Summer Flops


The bright star of Hollywood is starting to fade.  This summer, only half a dozen movies have grossed respectable sales.  Unfortunately, this does not cover the dozens of flops that continue to feature at the box office.

This past weekend, the highest grossing movie was Close Encounters of the Third Kind, shown only for its 40th anniversary.  This Labor Day weekend, it will play alongside a new release entitled Tulip Fever.

Tulip Fever was originally supposed to drop in July of 2016.  The behavior of its producers already much seals this movie as a stinker.  Producers have delayed the movie and yanked it from critics.  Basically, it’s all an effort to hoodwink the American public into going to see it.

“Flop” is the theme of the summer.  Box office revenues were down 16% from last year.  Since 2006, this is the lowest revenue Hollywood has brought in.

Even Pixar, usually a surefire hit, grossed its second-lowest grossing film this summer.  Cars 3 barely cleared the projections that producers predicted.

Streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu are finally giving Hollywood some stiff competition.  Directors are taking notice and slowly abandoning Hollywood.  This summer, La La Land director Damien Chazelle ditched the movie studios to work on an 8-part Netflix series.  Other famous directors that have jumped ship include Martin Scorsese and the Coen brothers.

In the past, movie studios relied on teenagers to see their movies.  This is why most blockbusters come out during the summers.  Teens have a little more spending money from part-time jobs and are trying to escape their parents.

However, today’s millennials are opting to stay home more than previous generations.  Millennials consider their parents friends rather than enemies, so there’s no need to flee the house.

If Hollywood seeks to stay in business, they’re going to need to come up with a new approach.  The tired remakes are simply not cutting it anymore.  Regardless, it’s funny to see liberal Hollywood finally eating some humble pie.



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  1. CPH

    September 20, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    I hope they all go broke and hollywood has to use all the illegals in the sanctuary state of californicate to replace the likes of clooney and baldwin.

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