Ryan Flip Flops From Previous Statement on DACA, Praises Trump


After President Trump announced that he would be ending DACA, Paul Ryan went on the radio to stab Trump in the back.  He said Trump shouldn’t end executive amnesty.  Now, he is changing his tune.

Paul Ryan came forth to praise President Trump for lifting DACA.  From his statement:

However well-intentioned, President Obama’s DACA program was a clear abuse of executive authority, an attempt to create law out of thin air.  Congress writes laws, not the president, and ending this program fulfills a promise that President Trump made to restore the proper role of the executive and legislative branches.

Suddenly, Paul Ryan is pro-Trump?

Perhaps this comes as no surprise.  In 2014, he called DACA unconstitutional on Hannity.  Coulter was the first to point this out after Ryan’s statements last week.

Here is the 2014 video:

Paul Ryan has been accused in the past of being a RINO, but today he seems more guilty of speaking out both sides of his mouth.  Or, perhaps, he is finally seeing Trump is coming from the same side that he is: DACA is a job for Congress.

More from Paul Ryan’s statement:

At the heart of this issue are young people who came to this country through no fault of their own, and for many of them it’s the only country they know.  It is my hope that the House and Senate, with the president’s leadership, will be able to find consensus on a permanent legislative solution that includes ensuring that those who have done nothing wrong can still contribute as a valued part of this great country.

Well, either way DACA is now out of the hands of the executive branch.  It was unconstitutional for Obama to implement it in the first place.  Finally, it is with the congressional branch where it belongs.  In the words of Donald Trump:


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