Jesse Waters Has a Hilarious New Slogan for the FBI


Jesse Waters just came up with a hilarious new nickname for the FBI for a segment on “The Five”.  The nickname is so good, that it should catch on.

Waters came up with the nickname out of frustration from the botched Hillary Clinton investigation.  New reports are showing Comey reached his decision before the investigation’s conclusion.  It also shows Barack Obama is equally to blame.

The hit Fox News show had a field day insulting Comey.  Contributor Lisa Booth jabbed particularly hard.  She said:

I don’t trust Jim Comey as far as I could throw him which is not far, because he’s extraordinarily tall… You can go through and look at things that he has said that aren’t backed up by facts. He has repeatedly either given either a blatant lie or misleading statements.

Jesse Waters really knocked it out of the park.

I think the FBI should change its motto to ‘I’m With Her,’…This thing is more rigged than a carnival game.

Obviously, this directly references Clinton’s main campaign slogan.  It fits in this context perfectly.

Hilarious!  He continued:

If you add the exoneration letter to the tarmac meeting, to the Lynch interference, to pleading the Fifth, to wiping the server clean, to smashing Blackberries with hammers, it is the most corrupt situation you could ever imagine… They have a lot of work to regain any credibility.

In a way, the democrats ended up doing Donald Trump a favor.  As Mike Miller of the Independent Journal Review summarized, an actual indictment might have been far worse.  In that case, the democrats may have chosen a more powerful candidate.

As we saw in her campaign, Clinton proved time and time again to be unable to lead the country.  Imagine having someone that careless occupying the most powerful chair in the world.


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  1. Burt Norris

    September 8, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    If I have the opportunity and resources I would kill this sonofabitch. I have the skills.

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