Hillary Clinton’s Book is Already 50% Off – Read a New Passage Here


Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened is already getting the discount treatment.  It’s barely been on the shelves for 24 hours.

The book’s price was slashed from $30 to $17.99 at retailers Amazon and WalMart.  That’s a 40% drop.

So, what gives?

Well, much like her campaign, the book is poised to be a failure.

The juicier tidbits have been leaked, and the public is unimpressed by what they’re reading.  Hillary plays the blame game with just about every major player in the election.  She attacks Trump, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, etc.  Then, she goes after her staunchest allies.

Here is yet another bizarre leaked passage from today.  Hillary compares herself to Cersei Lannister, a character on Game of Thrones:

It’s not easy for any woman in politics, but I think it’s safe to say that I got a whole other level of vitriol flung me way. Crowds at Trump rallies called for my imprisonment more times than I can count. They shouted, “Guilty! Guilty!” like the religious zealots in Game of Thrones chanting “Shame! Shame!” while Cersei Lannister walked back to the Red Keep… What in the world was this? I’ve been in politics for a long time, but I was taken aback by the flood of hatred that seemed to only grow as we got closer to Election Day.

If she actually watched the show, she’d know Cersei is one of the most unlikable characters in the series.  Also, she got the entire scene wrong.  Of course, this is a typical Hillary tactic in which she attempts to seem modern and relevant.

Alas, Hillary will continue to scratch her head and wonder why nobody likes her.  In her ignorance, she is alienating herself both from her party and the American people.

The book currently has almost 50% one star ratings on Amazon.  Here are just a few reviews on the front page.


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  1. Kookie

    September 13, 2017 at 6:43 am

    OMG. Blaming everyone and everything.. how stupid is she. She has screwed the American people for over 30 years and we do NOT want her anyway near us. You lost – get lost.

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