The Second City Faces Major Lawsuit: White Male Actor Claims Discrimination


A former actor is suing The Second City for discrimination.  The Second City is a Chicago comedy powerhouse.  It launched the careers of Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, and Steve Carrell – just to name a few.

During the 2016 run of “A Red Line Runs Through It”, Scott Morehead was allegedly subject to racial discrimination.  Morehead, a white male, said fellow actor Aasia Bullock directed racial slurs and threats against him.

In one performance, Bullock violently threw her shoulder into Morehead’s chest on purpose.  The Second City knew of the treatment.  Morehead complained about Bullock to the correct superiors, but the higher-ups ignored the actor.

Aaron Maduff, Morehead’s attorney, commented on the matter:

Scott had made complaints of the treatment he was getting. It fell on deaf ears.

Eventually, The Second City acknowledged his complaints.  Rather than trying to resolve the complaints, the show replaced the actor with someone else.  No explanation was offered to Morehead about his termination.

According to The Second City’s statement:

[We work] diligently to ensure a safe and collaborative work environment for all our employees, including a no-tolerance policy of workplace violence and harassment.

If that is the case, one must wonder why they decided to drop the Scott Morehead so quickly.  From what it sounds like, both actors should have been sat down.  If the problem would have proven impossible to resolve, then the company should have discussed termination.

Aaron Maduff echoes the sentiment:

Whether or not your complaints are valid, if you’re making an honest effort to resolve something that you feel is wrong, an employer should be trying to resolve it, not firing you for it.

Morehead is suing in court for back pay, lost benefits and other damages.

The entertainment industry is well-known for leaning far left, and The Second City is no different.  Perhaps this is a case example of reverse racism at its finest.  On the other hand, it might just be a disgruntled actor looking for a quick buck.  Time will tell.


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