Lawyer Threatens to Sue UNC Over Confederate Statue


Students at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill are demanding the removal of a Confederate monument.  On Wednesday, a local lawyer decided to lead the case.  He is threatening to start a federal lawsuit over the matter.

Predominantly, Hampton Dellinger represents the UNC Black Law Students Association.  Additionally, he represents a handful of other student groups.  He made his case in a letter to Chancellor Carol Folt and President Margaret Spellings.

Here is an excerpt:

Silent Sam should go for many reasons including its incompatibility with the ‘inclusive and welcoming environment’ promised by UNC’s non-discrimination policy.  We are providing legal notice of an additional reason why Silent Sam must come down now: the statue violates federal anti-discrimination laws by fostering a racially hostile learning environment.

Additionally, he cited the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  According the this act, the statue violates federal laws.

The monument is called “Silent Sam”.  It has been on UNC’s campus since 1913.  The statue commemorates the university’s alumni and students that fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.  The pose led to Silent Sam’s nickname.  Silent Sam is holding a rifle, but has no ammunition.

The University of North Carolina is already making efforts to destroy the statue.  However, they cite safety concerns rather than civil rights concerns.  As more and more statues are vandalized across the United States, it is only a matter of time before Silent Sam meets the same fate.

The school has noticed trouble brewing around Silent Sam.  Last month, the school was forced to clean up the remnants of a protest.  Violent protestors left signs, benches, and other garbage.

At the moment, the school is determining if they can legally rid themselves of the statue.

Even statues meant to unify the North and the South are victims of violent protestors.  In Atlanta, a peace statue was vandalized after being mistaken for a Confederate monument.


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