Diamond and Silk: Jemele Hill is a Black Supremacist


Famous YouTubers Diamond and Silk weighed in on the Jemele Hill controversy.

Jemele Hill called Trump “a white supremacist”, and the YouTubing duo called her a “black supremacist”.

Diamond explained her thought process on Fox Business News.

I think she shouldn’t just apologize to ESPN.  She should also apologize to the president for calling him that derogatory name. And she should step down.

She allegedly thinks that somebody white is a white supremacist, then that tells me a lot about her. She must be a racist herself.

The punches didn’t stop there.  Next, Silk said that Jemele is clearly a black supremacist.

[If she’s] ok with spewing hate, maybe that makes her black supremacist.

Do you know the president? We know the president. We know him personally. He’s not a racist.

Much like a white supremacist, a black supremacist believes they are the superior race.  They are open to using violence in order to defend their position.

Towards the end of the interview the sisters said:

The only color that [President Trump] sees is green, and he wants everybody to have some of it.

Both of the sisters worked on President Donald Trump’s campaign, and they developed a working relationship with him.  They were offered the position after releasing a spirited YouTube video in support of Donald Trump.

Since the election win, they have continued delivering hilarious, conservative content to YouTube.

Jemele Hill apologized for her comments to ESPN.  President Trump was conspicuously absent from the apology.  Hill received a slap on the wrist from ESPN, but the White House had a scathing response yesterday.  They called her comments “a firable offense”.

Let’s hope that ESPN finally gets the message and gets rid of Jemele Hill.  As the women say in their interview, the sports network needs to go back to (gasp) talking only about sports.

Watch the interview from Fox below.


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