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Liberal College Registration TANKS and Donations STOP After Pushing Liberal Agenda


Colleges across the country have allowed the left to run amuck on their campuses.  Liberal professors indoctrinate students, and students riot for no valid reason.  The allowance has caused a backlash: many liberal colleges have seen a drop in enrollment.

Oberlin College is the latest victim of this trend.

Oberlin is located in Ohio.  Only about 3,000 students enrolled, so every financial contribution counts.  This year, their 2017-2018 budget fell short by over $5 million.

Oberlin’s student-run newspaper addressed the issue:

As many of you already know, Oberlin’s primary source of revenue, student charges, will fall well short of our target because the incoming class is smaller than we expected and fewer students will return next year,” Canavan wrote. “There is no avoiding the financial impact of these shortfalls. Although we had already reduced budgets across the institution for next year, this shortfall in student charges will generate a deficit of about $5 million.”

Oberlin obtains more than 80 percent of its annual operating budget from tuition and other student charges.

Administrators at the private school had hoped to enroll 805 new students this fall. However, only 742 new students actually showed up on campus.

School officials had a cautious total enrollment target of 2,895 students for the fall 2017 semester but actual total enrollment is just 2,815 students currently.

The member of the board of trustees “hope(s) that this enrollment shock is a transitory one,” but they don’t know what the future holds.

Over the past forty years, universities have become a hub of radical professors.  They seek to “indoctrinate” students to radical viewpoints.  Even the University of Notre Dame is pushing progressive views.  Parents have become more savvy, and they are now being more selective to where they send their children.

Allowing the alt-Left to run wild on campus is proving detrimental.  Colleges are losing students due to safety concerns.  Moreover, they’re losing donors who are angered by the schools’ irresponsibility.


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