Minor Leagues are Feeling the “Tebow Effect” – Former NFL QB is MONEY


The minor leagues are in the halo of the “Tebow effect”.  Since former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow began playing baseball, minor league games have seen an increase in attendance.

The attendance numbers haven’t been this high since Michael Jordan’s brief adventure into baseball.  Ironically, Tebow and Jordan have baseball stats that are remarkably similar.

The Columbia Fireflies, Tebow’s team, saw a major increase in their merchandise sales.  According to Baseball America, adding Tim Tebow was worth an extra $1.6 million for the team.  That includes tickets, merchandise, and concession sales.

From Baseball America:

When we first wrote about the “Tebow effect” on fan attendance a little over a month ago, we calculated that Tebow was worth roughly 2,200 fans per game whenever the Columbia Fireflies hit the road. Since then, the Tebow Effect grew.

In comparing what teams have drawn in games where they played host to Tebow teams versus the rest of their home schedule without Tebow, it now appears that Tebow was worth 2,591 fans per game when the Fireflies were on the road.

To explain it more simply, there are 14 teams in the Sally League this year, but through Tebow’s final game on June 25, nearly one of every four fans who have walked through the gate at a Sally League game has done so to see Tebow’s Columbia Fireflies play.

Hagerstown drew 22,578 fans for its four-game series hosting the Fireflies. In its other 30 dates, it has drawn 29,081 fans. Hickory drew 17,500 for Tebow’s four games (4,251 per game), more than doubling the 1,957 fans per game they have drawn otherwise.

“It was packed outside our office in the overflow of our parking lot,” Hagerstown manager Patrick Anderson said. “It was lines everywhere. They were there early for BP for as much (of Tebow) as they could see. It was crazy.

Back before Kaepernick took a knee, Tebow caused a lot of controversy in the NFL for being so outspoken about his faith.  He popularized a posed that became known as “Tebow-ing”.

Love him or hate him, he’s a decent baseball player.  And moreover, he’s a good investment – at least for the minor leagues.


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