St. Louis Shopkeepers Fight Back Against Protestors: This Image Says it All


Things are getting scary in St. Louis.  On Friday, Judge Timothy Wilson said a police officer was not guilty of a first-degree murder charge after he shot a heroin dealer in 2011.  He courageously gave this judgment despite threats from activists that demanded a guilty verdict.  Now, the city has been preparing for war.

On Friday evening, the protests that were promised began.  Since then, they have popped up in various places around St. Louis.  Typically, the protests start peacefully.  Then, the agitators move in.  They destroy property, smashing windows.  Ultimately, they hurt the city more than any guilty verdict.

Here is an image from the Delmar Loop on Saturday night.


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Yesterday, rumors circulated that the protestors would be back in Delmar on Monday night.  This time, shop owners were taking no chances.  Some tried to board up their windows.  Others decided it was hopeless, closed the shops, and hoped for the best.

The better citizens of the city helped in cleaning up the mess.  The Delmar Loop’s Twitter account thanked everyone for supporting them.

As a Delmar shop owner eloquently put it:

Want to know what a peaceful protest really looks like? Go to the Delmar Loop this morning and see the numerous volunteers and business owners of all colors, creeds and backgrounds helping each other after the debacle of last night.

They are sweeping away glass…helping board up breakage, cleaning windows, and being a support to this neighborhood that became a flashpoint hours ago.

These wonderful people protested against lawlessness and chaos. They stood against wanton property damage and hate. They did not cover their faces with anything more than smiles. They are doing their deeds in the light of day and not like cowards under the cover of night.

My store was thankfully untouched besides some chalk writing. I attribute that to the protective hedge so many of you prayed around it, and for that I cannot thank you enough. To steal a phrase from the protestors, THIS is what Justice and Democracy Looks Like!

That is not to say that the citizens of St. Louis have been totally defeated by the protestors.  Precautionary measures have been made to ensure the agitators have no tools to aid in their destruction.

Check out these images.  Can you spot the difference?

St. Louis Protests

St. Louis Protests

Ready for the answer?


If you look at the trees, all the bricks placed around them have been removed.  The shopkeepers know the protestors will be back, and they’re taking matters into their own hands.  Good for them!

Thoughts and prayers go out to all the good people of St. Louis.



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  1. CPH

    September 20, 2017 at 11:58 am

    What’s the big deal. What does one less black lives matter drug dealer have to do with anything.

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