Pelosi Struggles to Maintain Composure as Press Conference Descends into Chaos


Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) press conference descended into chaos Monday morning. The “Immigration Liberation Movement” crashed the meeting, and Pelosi struggled to maintain control.

The group, also known as the Dreamers, consists of illegal immigrants in the U.S.  While Pelosi tried to maintain order, the protestors unfurled banners and shouted in unison.  They demanded the legalization of illegals and warned Pelosi not to “sell [us] out”.

Other immigrants held up signs that said: “Fight 4 All 11 Million”.  Of course, this represents the estimated 11 million illegals.

The protestors took a page from the “Occupy Wall Street” handbook.  They used a call-and-response style to completely halt the press conference.

We remember all too well how for eight years the Democrats laid siege to our communities, raiding and deporting nearly three million people, of our family members and loved ones. Where was your resistance then? Ms. Pelosi, did you think we would forget? We send a clear message to our fellow undocumented youth and community: We are the resistance to Trump! Not the Democrats!

Here are some highlights from the conference:

Initially, Pelosi gives them a standard politician’s response.  She discusses her admiration for their right to protest.  Then, she realizes she has lost control as they essentially tell her to shut up and continue chanting.  She repeatedly shouts, “Just stop it now!”

Pelosi was in the Bay Area to push a new DACA act.  Local community leaders and Congress members.  Congress is finally getting to work after President Trump canceled the Executive DACA.  He’s given them a six-month window to push a new program through.

That new program is the DREAM Act, which will aid 800,000 DACA recipients.  This Act is not enough for the Dreamers.  They want an “all or nothing” policy for illegal aliens, and they chanted so during the press conference.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I pity Pelosi, but I would say that karma is a b*tch.


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