Chelsea Handler Wants to Trade Donald Trump for Kim Jong Un


Chelsea Handler, when will you learn?  Weeks after discovering her grandfather was a Nazi, she’s supporting another fascist regime.  In a severe case of foot in mouth, the comedian made a failed attempt at comedy on Thursday night.

Handler alludes to the fiery indirect exchanges between President Trump and Kim Jong Un this week.  In her tweet, she says Kim Jong Un sounds saner, then suggests that we trade leaders.

Once again, Handler displays her completely off-center perception of reality.  Even in jest, this is just bizarre.  Americans have died at the hands of Kim Jong Un, and to suggest we trade is offensive.  Imagine what Otto Warmbier’s family would think of this opinion.

Allen B. West compiled a list of all the crimes that Kim Jong Un has committed…that we know of.

People in prison camps were starved to death, then had their bodies burned and disposed of, usually by other prisoners. These and other acts drew comparisons to the war crimes committed by the Nazis in World War II. (New York Daily News)

One former prisoner mentioned a time he was so hungry that he found, and ate, kernels of corn he found in cow dung. (National Post)

In areas where winter temperatures can drop as low as -40º, prisoners were forced to sleep in cramped quarters with no heat or blankets. (National Post)

Children are tortured from the age of 13. (National Post)

Torture devices are frequently used on prisoners. People are hung upside-down by their feet, from the ceiling, for multiple days at a time. Teeth are broken. (National Post)

Mothers were forced to drown their own babies. (Daily Mail)

So, if that’s the kind of country that Handler wants to live in, by all means!  No one is stopping you, Chelsea.  Please…PLEASE head on over.  Even Allie Stuckey is supporting you!



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  1. CPH

    September 22, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Another witch like her mother of all witches.

  2. Mary A Noriega

    September 23, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Handler should go to North Korea. What she has said about Trump would have her tortured to death.Ask Dennis Rodman to provide you with a one way ticket.

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