Hillary Clinton Tweets Out Dance Video and Everyone is Creeped Out


Two days ago, Hillary Clinton tweeted out a choreographed routine.  It features both her new book and her campaign song.  The post is artificial, and it’s got everyone feeling uncomfortable.

It’s pretty obvious that this is some sort of ad.  Clinton is currently on her book tour.  Thus far, the book has received predominantly negative feedback.  That’s what gives this dance an artificial feel.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the mind of one of Clinton’s people.  Aren’t you legally obligated to write #ad on these?

A group of teenagers, who are clearly expert dancers, perform a choreographed routine with Hillary’s book “What Happened”.  At one point, the video features her previous book “It Takes a Village”, and a child reading it.

Watch for yourself below:

It’s pretty weird, right?  Honestly, something just feels…off.  Considering most millennials’ lackluster feelings towards Clinton, a dance with a group of them feels artificial.  It has the vibes of a North Korea propaganda video.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones noticing.  Other Twitter uses left their commentary, and it’s quite entertaining.

Hillary Clinton

Dance, puppets, dance!

Hillary Clinton

Hopefully, they got a lot.  They did a good job!

Hillary Clinton

Nobody is buying it.Hillary Clinton

I second this.



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