19 Golden Retrievers Arrive to Give Las Vegas Shooting Victims and Police Officers Hope


After the horror that occurred in Las Vegas this week, Lutheran Church Charities decided to send their army to the scene.  It’s the furriest army anyone has ever seen: 19 golden retrievers.

The dogs are part of the K-9 Comfort Ministry, and they’ve been helping victims deal with tragedy since 2008.  The dogs were sent to help survivors, families of victims, first responders, and others affected by the violence.

Here are some pictures of their recent trip to Las Vegas.

CEO Tim Hertzner talked to Independent Journal Review about the decision to form the furry coalition.

[Dogs have an] incredible ability to connect with people who are hurting.

Many times, they’ll talk to a dog before they’ll talk to a person because the dog is a good listener: they’re confidential, they’re nonjudgemental, they don’t take notes. I mean, how many friends do you have that can do all those qualities at one time every day?

The dogs have been working around the clock to help the traumatized.  They visited hospitals and medical centers.  They’ve also been to local schools, police departments, and the Las Vegas Convention Center, where people waited to hear news about the conditions of their loved ones.

Local law enforcement officers were also given a visit.  The dogs thanked them for their efforts.

The furry army consists of over 150 golden retrievers in 23 states.  Many victims in Vegas said being with the dogs gave them hope.

More from the Independent Journal Review:

Hetzner said the ministry is there to show the “presence of Jesus” to anyone and everyone, hoping to bring healing through their work. He said the dogs — and their handlers — step into tragic situations “to be merciful and compassionate to people.”

“They’re big furry teddy bears. I sometimes refer to them as comfort rugs — people will lay down on them or they’ll break down crying,” he said, adding that the dogs create the opportunity for the handlers to listen to the victims’ thoughts.

Feel free to follow the dogs for more information about their inspiring mission at their Facebook page below.

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs deployed to #LasVegas following the devastating shootings. Please give to our Travel Expense fund by visiting keep everyone impacted in your prayers.

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