Shooting Victims Meet Donald Trump – “He Was Comforting”


On Sunday, America experienced its worst mass shooting in modern times.  The shooting left 59 dead and 489 injured.  Among the shooting victims was Tiffany Huizar from Santa Ana, California.  Huizar was shot in the stomach and rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.  The next morning, the bullet was removed.

While she was in recovery, she received a very special visitor.  President Trump and Melania Trump went from room to room.  They wanted to talk and comfort the victims of the shooting.  Rather than bash the president, Huizar gave the media her opinion of the man.

He was super nice. He wasn’t who we see on social media. He was much more comforting. I don’t know his tone of voice and the way he was.

Huizar’s family is asking for assistance in her recovery via a GoFundMe.

If you’d like to donate, the link can be found here.

Tiffany is recovering from surgery & her injuries aren’t long term nor permanent. Her vitals are unstable due to the length of time the bullet was in her. There’s no way of knowing how long she will be in the hospital. They have insurance but since it’s out of network, they may not cover much. Family and friends, they need donations/help with Tiffany’s medical expenses, the family to have meals/drinks, hygiene etc and the costs for time off work/school for Ismael and The Huizar Family to stay as long as needed there.

Any donation amount is acceptable and helps! Tiffany is a beautiful 18 yr old & a senior at Segerstrom High School. She and her family are definitely facing a long road of recovery (physically, emotionally and mentally) ahead of them so PLEASE PLEASE help out and donate. I know they’ll be forever grateful & truly appreciate your help. God Bless you all #HuizarStrong.

Another victim named Thomas Gunderson met the president.

Gunderson had been shot in the leg, but when the president walked in, he refused to shake his hand laying down.

I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand! There may be plenty of issues in this country but I will always respect my country, my president and my flag. Shot in the leg or not, I will stand to show my President the respect he deserves!

Every day, more and more lovely stories come from Las Vegas and overshadow the tragedy that took place.

These victims are truly an inspiring testament to the American spirit.  Share this story, and pray for a speedy recovery!


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