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”WTH is going on here??”…20-Yr-Old COLLEGE STUDENT Is One of 48 Young People Who Have Gone Missing In Same State In Past 40 Days [VIDEO]


For nearly two weeks now the 20-year-old college student from the University of Iowa has been missing from her hometown in eastern Iowa.

Mollie Tibbetts went missing while reportedly staying at her boyfriend’s house. The young girl was at her boyfriends home watching his dog while he worked his job about 100 miles out of town.

The last time Tibbets was seen was by a neighbor who reportedly saw her out for a jog.

On Wednesday night the boyfriend received a Snapchat from Tibbetts after her jog. However, the next day she didn’t show up for work and was then reported missing.  

This case alone in and itself is horrifying!

Americans from all over should be worried about their children being out alone on the streets.

This month there have been over 48 missing people in the state of Iowa. Parents really need to be concerned about the safety and whereabouts of their children, especially at this time. 

With this amount of missing people in one month, a widespread panic on social media and the rise of conspiracy theories have come up to the surface as law enforcement searches for the missing girl.

The last time the young girl was seen was on July 19th. 

Since Mollie Tibbetts’ disappearance, the Iowa Department of Public Safety has received an abundant amount of calls about the missing person statists.

The department tried to assure people that the numbers are unusual and not all the cases are connected to sex trafficking or kidnaps.

About 12 people a day went missing last year, adding up to nearly 4,311 young adults. Reports claim that the majority of the missing people were found or returned home within a day. 

Recently, the father of the missing Iowa student has spoken up about his daughter and has asked the community to help find her.

“It doesn’t matter what we’re going through; we just need people to think — because somebody knows something and they don’t even know it’s important,” Rob Tibbetts told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “We can get Mollie back; we just have to have somebody call.”

Watch the video below:

From 100percentfedup:

“40 people have gone missing in Iowa in 10 days. 40. People. How is this possible ?!!!!!!!!!!!?!” posted one person on Facebook, adding: “keep tabs on your friends and family, be aware of everything and everyone around you.”

Added Heather Loshaw in a local Facebook group: “WTH is going on here?? Be careful out there please.”

Here’s a close up look at the list of missing people in Iowa posted by Heather Loshaw:

“Don’t think it can’t happen to you,” warned Shannon Kelly on Twitter, in a post that was shared thousands of times. “It’s happening across rural and urban Iowa.”

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