4 Israeli Solider’s BRUTALLY Murdered When Truck Plows Over Them

Shocking crime occurred in Jerusalem on Sunday when Arab man rams bus holding Israeli solider’s.

According to Breitbart– Four Israeli soldiers were murdered and at least 16 people were wounded, some seriously, when an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem rammed his truck into pedestrians nearJerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv Promenade.

Armon Hanatziv, also known as East Talpiot, is located in southeastern Jerusalem, part of the eastern sections of Jerusalem declared “occupied Palestinian territory” by a United Nations Security Council resolution last month.

The promenade, a popular tourist site enjoyed for its spectacular views of Israel’s capital, is located about half a mile from the plot of land upon which the U.S. has been building a consulate that could serve as a future embassy if the current embassy is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In Sunday’s vehicular terrorist attack, Fadi al-Qanbar, identified as resident of the Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukaber Arab neighborhood, rammed a truck into a group of soldiers who were exiting a bus at the promenade.

A video of the attack, obtained from security surveillance footage, shows the truck running over soldiers, then the vehicle spins around as the driver attempts to turn the truck around. He then runs over the group of soldiers a second time.

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