5 Things About Hillary Clinton That Make My “Skin Crawl”


What Happened is Hill’s latest attempt to milk the cash cow of her failed campaign.

….It also helps her point blame at basically everyone but herself.  Today, she came out with a snippet about the infamous second debate.  As Trump loomed behind her, Clinton remembered thinking to herself “back off, creep”.

Well, as her loyal followers will most likely sop up this “fight the man” propaganda, we felt it was an opportune moment to bring up five things about Hillary Clinton that make our skin crawl.  And no, I won’t bring up those damn emails.

Inability to Accept Results of Election

Hillary Clinton watched her campaign crash and burn in spectacular fashion on election night.  As her disciples sobbed uncontrollably at her party in New York, Hillary refused to come out and give a speech.  Although reports are still unproven, multiple sources say she was in a “psychotic drunken rage”, became physical with her staff, and was unfit to take the podium.

Mysterious Deaths Surrounding the Clinton Family

We’ve reported on this one before.  The list of mysterious deaths surrounding Clinton critics continues to grow.  Usually, the deaths occur directly before somebody claims to “blow the lid” on the Clinton family.

Ties to Pedophilia

Hillary Clinton shut down a pedophilia investigation whilst Secretary of State, and it was reported by credible news outlets including NBC.  It was targeted towards elites within the state department.

According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within it’s ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals…This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

All the Weird Behavior

Hillary had some undeniably bizarre behavior on the campaign trail.  Oftentimes, it looked like she was a cyborg blowing a gasket.  To this day, I’ve heard crickets about her questionable health.

Cheating the DNC

Love him or hate him, Bernie Sanders was slated to win the DNC.  Unfortunately, Clinton pulled the strings and squeezed in as the actual candidate.  Even ultra-lib celebrities such as Susan Sarandon were offended.  Controversy took over as protestors came to Bernie’s defense in Philadelphia.  Confirmed censorship of these protests happened on the DNC floor.  Protestors with signs were purposefully blocked from the televisions or removed.

Watch Bernie supporters audibly “boo” Hillary at the convention:



Of course, this is from a nearly endless list about the Clintons.  Did we forget anything?

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