*BOMBSHELL* FBI Raid on Paul Manafort’s Condo Reveals a SICK New Fact


FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s condo reveals a strange new fact that leaves us questioning if this was legal.

Paul Manafort worked for Donald Trump for a short time as his campaign chairman from June to August 2016.

Manafort is now tangled up in legal prosecution over bank and tax fraud charges.

To which democrats are trying to link “Russia collusion” when they point out that the taxes were owed on millions that he made from a “Russia-friendly” Ukrainian political party.

In a testimony at Manafort’s trial by FBI Agent Matthew Mikuska, he testified that the officers knocked 3 times before letting themselves into Manafort’s condo that they had a key to.

The question is, where did they get this key and was it legal?

The warrant they had for the condo was not a no-knock warrant.

Mikuska stated that he did not know where they got the key from. A significant amount of documents were seized during the raid on Donald Trump’s former chairman.

Does this sound familiar?

The special council can’t find dirt on Donald Trump so they raid his former lawyers office.

When they still couldn’t find dirt on Donald Trump they are now going after his former chairman in hopes to find something.

Manafort’s case is being prosecuted by none other than Bob Mueller’s special council.

This case has nothing to do with collusion or Donald Trump.

This is a man’s issue with overspending and being irresponsible with money to which he may have not paid taxes on.


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