WATCH: Video Removed After Muslim Leader HAMMERED For What She Asked Voters To Do [Video]


WATCH: Video Removed After Muslim Leader Slammed For What She Asked Voters To Do [Video].

The left wing political activist and Women’s march leader, Linda Sarsour makes absolutely no sense when it comes to what she believes in, unless she’s just helping to infiltrate the Democratic party with Sharia law supporting Muslims in order for them to have the numbers they need to push their agenda…. Then, yeah, she makes complete and total sense.

Sharia law and women’s rights do not go hand in hand, As a matter of fact, they actually completely oppose each other.

Linda Sarsour pushes group-think and Sharia law and if you’ve taken the time to dig deeper into her motives you would see that she is connected to HAMAS which is considered a terrorist organization by many countries.

She has also stated that her number one priority is to defend her community and NOT to assimilate to American culture because pleasing Allah is her top priority.

In a video that was removed from Twitter Sarsour said this:

“I don’t care what you think. I don’t care if they’re not candidates that you like. I don’t need you to like them. I need you to vote Democrat …”

Sarsour and 69 others were also arrested during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing to become a Supreme Court Judge.

His pro-life views and protection of unborn babies has caused major outrage among the pro-abortion community. You can hear the screeches while police removed the women from the room.

Spread this video everywhere before they try and shut it down again!

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