BREAKING! ICE Breaks Up a Ring That Has Been ROBBING Americans Of MILLIONS! THIS IS HUGE!


ICE Breaks Up a Ring That Has Been Defrauding Americans by stealing the identities of legal citizens.

Contrary to what the mainstream media wants you to believe, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is an integral part of America.

They don’t just go around looking for “innocent” families to tear apart and send back to their countries, they don’t steal children and they aren’t a tool used to push forward a holocaust of Mexican immigrants.

Now that we have that out of the way, this is the important work ICE does for America.

They stop drug trafficking at the border to help keep them out of our schools and communities, they keep foreign criminals from crossing our borders and hiding within our communities and “sanctuary” cities, they combat financial fraud and mass-marketing fraud, they counter Darknet activity, they fight child exploitation and human trafficking and the list goes on.

This talk from democrats about “abolishing ICE” is pure ignorance.

ICE just announced that they have made 24 arrests, 22 of them being illegal immigrants, for trying to fraudulently collect federal benefits and register to vote.

These criminals stole the identities of legal citizens from Puerto Rico.

“Federal court records show that 24 of the 25 obtained a driver’s license or state ID, 19 applied for MassHealth benefits, one received $51,270 in rent subsidies from the Boston Housing Authorities and two pocketed more than $25,000 in unemployment benefits,”

 And these are only the ones who were caught. I’m sure you can imagine just how many more are living among us, living with all the benefits of a true American.

As Jeff Sessions stated in a press conference,

“This kind of fraud is a theft from our seniors, a theft from our taxpayers, and a theft from the needy, theft from America. These government programs are intended to help the poor, the elderly, American citizens. Not those that are trespassing in the country.”

Americans all over our country are working hard and paying their taxes which is being stolen by frauds. Frauds who came into our country illegally.

Thank you ICE for taking your jobs seriously and making a dent in illegal immigration.

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