ABC Just Put “Roseanne” On The Path To Cancellation! Trump Supporters Pissed!


There aren’t many “Pro-Trump” Television Programs out there. Fox’s “Last Man Standing” was the closest you could get to watch a primetime show without liberal bias. We saw how that went. Now, they’re bringing it back after learning their mistake. Well, let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice and turn viewers away from Roseanne, and eventually having to cancel the series. ABC is one of those networks that try to please their liberal advertisers, and Geroge Soros as much as possible.

Take a look at all the current shows on the major networks. All of them have a liberal bias to them, or point out “Blackish” people, and make fun of Whites each show. It’s a crock of crap if you ask any conservatives out there.

Dungey said that the show will lean away from politics next season during a conference call with reporters as part of the network’s upfront presentation. Upon learning the news, conservative media icon Matt Drudge tweeted, “Corporate cannibals stripping Roseanne of her fun.” –Fox News


There is a bigger message here. The message is this If you’re a conservative you have no room on any of our networks. You must abide by our rules, and our way of living or else we will cancel you! That’s how it’s always been in Hollywood. They don’t care about ratings, or how much money they can make. They only want to push their agenda, and make sure the world starts to conform to their beliefs. Capitalism is a great friend because we end up sending them into convulsions when we don’t tune into their broadcast. So either way, they REALLY ARE WORRIED about their ratings, and how much they make. Don’t let them fool you.

The show, starring Roseanne Barr the pro-Trump title character, drew plenty of eyeballs when it premiered on March 27, shocking the industry with over 27 million viewers in Live+7 in delayed ratings. Shortly afterward, ABC President Ben Sherwood eagerly rolled himself out to The New York Times after the successful return.

At the time, Sherwood claimed that ABC executives had a meeting the morning after the 2016 election about how they could better reach Middle America.

“We looked at each other and said, ‘There’s a lot about this country we need to learn a lot more about, here on the coasts,’” Sherwood told the Times in a feature headline, “‘Roseanne’ Reboot Sprang From ABC’s Heartland Strategy After Trump’s Victory.”

An ABC spokesperson said the network is “definitely not” ditching the heartland strategy when reached by Fox News.

Needing to reach middle America isn’t taking away “Last Man Standing”. That’s a given. Middle America wants to be able to watch TV without ANY political bias in it. They don’t want to hear about how much they hate Trump or make little snide remarks about what Melania was wearing just because they’re jealous they don’t look that amazing. There is a whole list of things these TV Execs need to take into consideration.

Sometimes I wonder if they really do want to reach middle America, and film with a non-bias script, but people like Soros, and other billionaire communists won’t let it happen.

I’ve only got one thing to say about this:

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