AFL-CIO Unions Prod Employers to Hide Illegal Migrants From Enforcement Agencies


Democrats are using every source possible to further the fight for illegal immigrants which now includes the AFL-CIO union.

Unions were created once upon a time so that employee’s had a voice that could stand up to the big guy upstairs. Fair pay and safe work environments were among the top reasons for the creation of unions but it seems that they have a very different agenda nowadays. Rather than provide a voice for American citizens, unions are now a platform for illegals to have a voice and their voice is being heard louder than any other. So now the welfare and unions are supporting illegals over citizens and Democrats are encouraging this nonsense. In America, it should be an easy choice between citizen and illegal immigrant but apparently, the left is having a hard time coming to terms with reality.

Via Breitbart:

The conversion is described by the New York Daily News, which showed how progressive lawyers train local Teamster union leaders to negotiate workplace contracts which minimize employers’ cooperation with immigration enforcement agencies. The article says:

At a Wednesday class, funded by the Consortium for Worker Education, Mike Spinelli of Local 553 listened carefully as trainer Luba Cortés walked everyone through the difference between an administrative warrant and a judicial one.

Spinelli paid particular attention because many of his members — immigrants who work at a Long Island dairy farm — were profoundly shaken when federal [immigration enforcement] agents raided nearly 100 7-Eleven stores last month in a search for undocumented workers.

“We deliver all the dairy to all the 7-Eleven stores in the city — you can imagine how scared some of these guys are,” he said. “It’s a scary time in general, and we’re hoping this can help the workers feel prepared and help protect them — and also so employers know they don’t have to just roll over.”

Unions once existed to push up workers’ wages by denying employers the ability to hire other people from outside the picket line.


However, since before 2008, unions have been enrolling illegal migrants who illegally crossed the line between the United States and other countries.

Since at least 2013, top union leaders are also working with the Democratic Party preserve the inflow of migrants across the line because migrants are likely to support the party — even though the additional migrants allow employers to pay lower wages to Americans. That changes came when President Barck Obama and his progressive allies pressured AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka to reverse the unions’ traditional hostility to wage-cutting illegal immigration.


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