Alzheimer’s: Nancy Pelosi Forgets Who’s President – Calls Trump “Bush” Again (VIDEO)


Former Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi Just Can’t Seem To Remember Who’s President.

Democrats have always trashed Republican Presidents for being “Unstable” or “Deranged” and sometimes ” Mentally Ill” yet, if you really look at them, they’re the ones that are said words. Pelosi keeps calling President Trump “BUSH”. This proves that their talking points are the same ole same ole. They never change. They got so used to trashing Bush for bogus stuff that once it came time to slam Trump, well…. they’re still using “BUSH” at the end of their tiresome arguments. It’s sad but expected. They’re Democrats for God’s sake. Progressive Trash.

Recently Pelosi called President Trump, President Bush again. Watch Below:

I really believe Nancy has Alzheimer’s and needs to retire from office. She has been such a drag in American politics. I’m very pleased to hear other foreign leaders slamming the Democrats as hate-filled peasants who do nothing more than trash a President that’s actually doing something good with America.

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  1. Wal

    February 2, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Sometimes when someone wishes hard enuf for something there mind plays tricks on them!

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