Amazing! Community comes together to help disabled veteran


They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s a lesson a group of little helpers in Tennessee took to heart to help a disabled veteran.

59-year-old Army Veteran Lorenzo Rhynes has lived in his Collierville, Tennessee, home for 20-years. Over those years, things have fallen apart for Rhynes, one being his health has declined. His eyesight is failing, and he’s bound to a wheelchair. So in life, it’s hard for him to get around and make repairs to his home saying, “The bathroom was not effective for a disabled man.”

So some little helpers came to the rescue. One of them is Riley Prather saying:

“We had a lemonade stand and it helps to like raise money. We raised $800.”

But the help didn’t go unnoticed, and several local business heard about Rhynes and what “Little Helpers” were doing, and wanted to pitch in. They donated nearly $15,000 worth of materials to fix up Rhynes home. One of those businesses to pitch in, was My Town Roofing. Kyle Grasso with the company saying:

“His roof was leaking. We needed to take care of him. I’m also with the VFW here in Collierville as a former veteran myself we’ve gotta look out for each other.”

It all started with Little Helpers lemonade stand, and they were able to fix his bathroom, garage, and get him a new shower. Lorenzo Rhynes saying:

“It’s a blessing that god blessed me bringing these angels right here. I stay in prayer all the time. I thank God for the angels for coming through ma’am. These are angels yes ma’am.”



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  1. C Hayes

    June 23, 2017 at 6:28 am

    Way to go. This kind of thing will help to unite our country. Disabled vets have suffered long enough. If more people would respond like this our country will prosper. Just think how this kind of thing could expand not only for our Veterans but for all our needy citizens.

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