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Amazon & NBC Writer Promotes White Genocide Hopes it “Happens Fast”


You’re not reading a bullshit headline. This is real. There is actually a white female feminist out there who works for Amazon, and NBC as a writer claiming she wants to see White Genocide happen, and that it’s not happening fast enough.

The left has become so unhinged, no one knows what to say anymore. They’re out there kicking people out of restaurants and like Maxine Waters playing the victim. The future doesn’t look very bright for these leftist scum. They’re doing everything in their power to act like their Grandparents generation of the 1960’s. If you’re too young to remember that then use GOOGLE for something good instead of porn, and look up the 60’s riots. The Anti-War movement was something America wasn’t ready for.

Taylor Cox ( Funny last name for a feminist )  claimed:

“The only anxiety I have about white extinction is that it’s not happening faster.”

Yeah, she really said that. I wonder if Jeff Bezos is okay with that? I’m sure he is. The man doesn’t care about decency at all.


Apparently, Taylor regrets sending the tweet now that she has her account on PRIVATE! Funny how when the left is called out on their bullshit they run. 


These leftist have become unhinged. It’s good for our side because it’s only allowing President Trump to win the second term he deserves.


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    June 30, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    Taylor Cox, is that her name or is that what she like’s?, these Lib Turds are out of there fucken minds!, she needs a good old kick in the ass, her and father never told her NO!, this is what is wrong with these young ass hats today…, p.s. f u Taylor cox sucker…

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