Antifa Manual Found On The Evergreen Campus; Contents Are Disturbing


If this manual is real, ANTIFA members are just as racist as their Nazi counterparts.  Allegedly, someone found this manual on the Evergreen college campus in Washington.  Every American should read this.  It gives insight into the methods and goals of ANTIFA.  Among them, my favorite says “when all else fails, compare someone to Hitler.”

Reactions from each page appear below the image.  I recommend you read this thing in its entirety when you have time.

Share this, so all Americans can see exactly what we’re up against:

“Fascist” is probably written in this thing 50 times.

This page essentially lays out how to defend the ANTIFA movement: call someone names, even Hitler, to push the alt-left agenda.  Due to white colonization, history books back up the claim that all white males are evil and racist.

This manual is quite believable now.  Many media outlets have cast a sympathetic light on their cause, even though they have shown that they are violent.

The idea is to infiltrate social media, regular media, and educational institutions.

“Many of us first learned about ANTIFA and gained our views on college campuses in universities across the country.”

…is anyone surprised by this statement?

ANTIFA demands no member to reveal their endgame.  Well, here it is: socialize all capital.  Within 100 years, this is to be an easy feat.  If all goes according to plan, 70% of the nation will be “people of color”, so it should be “easy”.

In my opinion, this is the weirdest page.  Towards the end, It talks about marketing childless white Americans as being “hip” and “cool”.  It also demands predominantly white neighborhoods have access to on-demand abortions.  Thus, whites begin to die off.

An ANTIFA microchip will be able to identify one’s race and their political leanings.  Because science.  It will also help determine if that brown-ish person can, in fact, say the N-word in casual conversation.

“Sound to good to be true?”

No.  Just sounds too dumb to be true.


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  1. John

    August 21, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    ANTIFA is nothing but American ISIS Nazi assholes. Another group of whacked out Psychopaths. Well just like ISIS / Nazi’s, Wipe them off the face of the earth. Nothing but a bunch of Fascist, Racist assholes wanting world domination.

  2. John Christy

    August 29, 2017 at 6:07 am

    Communism, pure and simple. Also, as stated, outright treason. There is a petition being signed right now at the White House to classify Antifa and BLM as domestic terrorists and be treated as such. Soros is plunking down millions to them. HE should have his assets frozen as well.

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