The March4Trump Rally had been planned for two other cities before the organizers settled on Salem, Oregon.  The City of Salem had assured the organizers, Northwest Trump Alliance for Change, that the police would keep Antifa thugs away from rally attendees and the speakers.  They didn’t.

The police stood idly by, at a distance, while masked thugs took over the Capitol steps for which the organizers had a permit and had been guaranteed exclusive use.

Unable to put together a coherent sentence, the thugs could not stand to hear anyone else speak.  These worthless miscreants were so afraid of what their delicate little ears might hear that they chanted, screamed, used noise devises and yelled obscenities to drown out the March4Trump speakers.  At least they did not bring baseball bats as they did last year, but they did bring acid, urine and eggs.

Masked Antifa thugs wearing all black took over the Capitol steps in Salem Sunday.  They assaulted rally-goers with urine, eggs and poured acid on at least one truck, while police watched & did nothing. Photo by Dale Hummel.


It appears people “of color” don’t want anything to do with Antifa.  Could their violence have anything to do with this?  Are people “of color” turned off by their hatred?  Have people “of color” figured out that Antifa only wants to destroy?  Or are people “of color” just plain tired of being pawns of The Left?  Or 

This writer spent two hours walking among the crowd of attendees (about 150) and thugs (about 150) and idle police (about 25), passing out pamphlets containing the Constitution, all amendments & Declaration of Independence.  Most thugs would not take one.

Among pro-Trumpers could be found people of all races and all ages, including a few children.  One couple brought there four children.  Their 17-year-old daughter was shoved twice by a 30-something Antifa man.  Their son was hit with a balloon of urine. The father was kicked by an Antifa woman.  I noticed another man and his 10-year-old boy both holding pro-Trump signs.

Another Trump supporter was assaulted with eggs and balloons filled with urine.  Antifa screamed obscenities at police.  Toward the end of the rally, Antifa started a riot which was quickly put down.  Three Antifa thugs were arrested.  This writer has not learned of all the charges, but one Antifa woman pulled out the hair of a man supporting Trump.

The Antifa thugs were all white, mostly male, and all seemingly under 30.  Admittedly, it wasn’t easy to see their faces behind the black masks, but it appeared there were no thugs “of color.”

Two (white) passersby, standing at a distance, were verbally attacked by (white) thugs who called them “crackers” and “racists.”  Say what?  Two (white) thugs, a young couple, confronted this writer and screamed something that made no sense about Muslims and Christians.

Antifa also likes to express their hatred by vandalizing vehicles. Sunday in Salem they chose a truck parked six blocks away to throw acid on.  They had been stalking the Trump supporter who owned the truck.  The acid ruined his entire paint job.


This writer was one of the speakers at Sunday’s rally.  Surrounded by thugs and noise, I gave a very brief ad lib of what I had planned to say.  Below is the entire speech I planned to give:




Historians will look back on the Age of Trump as THE BEGINNING, just the beginning, of the Conservative Revolution, and all of you are the foot soldiers.

Let me see a show of hands:  How many of you are Millennials?  YOU are the future of America!!!  How many are Generation Xers?  YOU are the future of America!!!  I am a Baby Boomer.  Baby Boomers grew up with so many more freedoms than you have today, and we naively let Liberals take them away.  The first time I voted, I voted for Jimmy Carter!!!  Jimmy Carter!!!  How embarrassing!!!

Enlightened Baby Boomers have a role to play in this Conservative Revolution as well, which brings me to why I am here today:

Have you noticed?  Liberals will tolerate the existence of Conservatives, just barely, just barely, so long as we keep our mouths shut.  Are we going to keep our mouths shut anymore?  No!!!  We finally have a champion in the White House. We must press our advantage, and continue to press it for the next 7 years.


Someone did a survey shortly after Obama was elected.  They asked Americans if they consider themselves Liberals or Conservatives.  Only twenty percent identified themselves as Liberals.  TWENTY PERCENT!!!!!  Sixty percent identified themselves as Conservatives.  THEN WHY OH WHY HAVE THE LIBERALS BEEN IN CHARGE FOR 50 YEARS??????

Conservatives have the numbers.  Conservatives are the statistical majority.  Now that we have finally found our backbones, we need to stand up for our Bill of Rights, we need to stand up for our kids & grandkids, we need to stand up for the Rule of Law, we need to stand up against the destruction of our society by Liberalism.


So, how did we get here?  In part we got to this point in our national life because Liberals have infiltrated every layer of the various government agencies who control our lives.  We have allowed people who don’t believe in the Bill of Rights or limited government to govern us.

The main difference between a Liberal and a Conservative is their attitudes:  Conservatives believe in “Live & Let Live” and don’t want to interfere in the lives of their fellow Americans.  Liberals, on the other hand, are morally superior so they have the right to dictate how the rest of us live.  What?  You don’t believe that Liberals are morally superior?  Just ask them, they will tell you.

How can we put common sense ideas back into the agencies that govern us?  Get involved!  YOU need to get involved!!!!  Get involved by starting small.  Get yourself on your local water commission, your Fire & Rescue district board, your PUD commission, your city council, your local library district, your local education service district.  Most importantly, get yourself on YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD.

Our boards, commissions & agencies are packed with Liberals because Liberals have an overwhelming need for power and control.  Most of these commissions have no Conservative members because we are not interested in power.  When you get yourself on a local board or commission, you can dialogue with members of your community, learning about the concerns of your neighbors and making contacts.  Speaking of school boards  .  .  .


How many of you have kids & grandkids in public school?

We got into this current mess, in part, because public schools and colleges have been indoctrinating and not educating our kids for over 30 years, and it is getting worse, much worse.  We need to turn that around by giving future generations A REAL EDUCATION.  Get yourself on the school board

Have you heard about the latest Liberal fad designed to destroy America’s next generation?  Transgendering!!!  Transgendering!!!  Public schools are teaching children as young as five, that “You were not BORN a girl [point to Brittany or audience member], you were ASSIGNED “girl” by the doctor or your parents.  And you were not born a boy.”  [Point to Frank or audience member]  Nope!  Someone assigned “boy” to you at birth.  Thanks to Liberals, your kids can now CHOOSE their own genders from a list of over 30 choices.

I live in West Linn, Oregon, which allegedly has a pretty good school system.  In late September my neighbor discovered that her 3 girls ages 6, 7 & 9, were being force-fed this Liberal poppycock.  This mother went to the school asking that her girls be excused from such lessons.  They told her, nope, can’t do that!  She was told parents have no say in what is taught to their kids.  PARENTS HAVE NO SAY!!!!

So, my neighbors removed their girls from this liberalism indoctrination center which is housed in a brand-new building just TWO blocks from their home.  The mother now drives them to a Christian school 10 miles away.  Now THINK ABOUT THAT.  These parents are paying taxes, very high taxes for a public school system their girls can’t even use.

If transgendering continues, in just a few years we will think that Snowflakes were not so screwed up, because we will be dealing with a whole generation of young adults who don’t even know if they are men or women.  Confused people become easy prey for Liberals.  Confused people become Democrat voters.

By hook or by crook, find a way to educate your children and grandchildren outside of the public school system.  If you can’t do that, get on the school board.


Do any of you know how to read English?  GREAT!!  You can ignore what the Supreme Court says is in the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  YOU CAN READ IT FOR YOURSELF.  The language in our founding documents is a little old-fashioned, but it is easy to read and understand.  Our founding fathers were men of few words, but the words they did use are so powerful.

The Bill of Rights is the only reason you and I have not already been mowed down by Liberalism.  Without the Bill of Rights we would not have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Bear Arms, to name just a few.

BTW, without the Second Amendment, do any of you think the Liberals would allow us to bear arms?  Long ago, the Liberals would have confiscated our rifles, shotguns and pistols, and melted them down to make signs telling bad guys that this school is a gun free zone

Hillsdale College prints these constitutional pamphlets.  They are a private college in Michigan who refuses to accept tax dollars because they refuse to be controlled by government.

When preparing for this speech I called Hillsdale College hoping I could buy 100 or 200 of these pamphlets to pass out to you.  Well, when I told them what I wanted them for, they mailed me 400!!!  For free!!!!!

Come up to me after the speeches to pick up your copy of our fabulous constitution!  Read it!  Memorize it!  Recite it for your Liberal friends!  It may be the first time they heard of our precious Bill of Rights.  Thank you!

Diane L. Gruber

Freedom-loving American


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    March 9, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    In Alberta the Liberals are down to 11% support behind the NDP at 25% and the Conservatives at 62%. In Saskatchewan and Manitoba the Conservatives lead 44% to 24%. I’d say the Liberals could kiss their four Alberta seats from 2015 goodbye, those are not coming back. Ralph Goodale, the lone Saskatchewan MP trying to sell the carbon tax and soon to bring in more gun control is likely gone under this scenario and in Manitoba the Liberals current seven MPs could be a bit lonelier. But the real problem for Trudeau’s Liberals is in Ontario right now where 80 Liberal seats could turn into 40 or fewer. According to Ipsos, voters in the biggest province in the country support the Conservatives 46% to the Liberals 33%.

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    Thanks for a terrific interview, Simon!

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