Bernie’s Daughter Paid $500k To Teach Woodworking At Jane’s Bankrupt College


Isn’t it funny how tax records can turn up… and turn a lot of heads!

The daughter of the “free college for everyone” Senator Bernie and his wife Jane Sanders – Carina Driscoll – was hired to teach woodworking at Burlington College. You may remember that no-longer existing school because it went bankrupt and eventually closed last spring.

The hippy-dippy college sang its song of catering to “non-traditional students,” and geared itself towards veterans and adults. The school had only about 200 students, and offered degrees in some bizarre areas of studies like woodworking.

In 2004, Jane Sanders arrived at the college when it didn’t offer any woodworking degrees. But that’s where the plot thickens…

The school’s 2009 tax records show Burlington College paid Vermont Woodworking School $56,474 for materials, leasing bench space and other charges.

So what’s the point?

Well… when you dig a little deeper, you come to find out that the Vermont Woodworking School was a for-profit business run by Bernie Sanders’ daughter Driscoll, who was paid a shocking $500K to teach her practically useless trade of woodworking.

The Investment Watch blog reported:

Over the next four years, funds to VT Woodworking School increased considerably from this original amount to $133,134 in 2010; $138,571 in 2011; and, $182,741 in 2012 (the last year program expenses are reported in the tax filings).

So is this just another reason Burlington College ended up filing bankruptcy? Probably, seeing that Sanders openly gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Driscoll. Why this hasn’t been investigated before… no clue! But it looks like Driscoll wanted to make as much money as she could before the school went under.

So I guess it really shouldn’t come as a surprise NOW that the former Burlington College President Carol Moore is calling for Jane Sanders to be investigated for her employment time at the college.

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  1. BOB Daly

    July 5, 2017 at 8:36 am

    Once again , Socialist Bernie proves that he is a FRAUD & HYPOCRITE. DRAIN THE SWAMP — HAVE TERM LIMITS, and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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