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Dem Posts Hate Letter From ‘Trump Fan’, Then Experts Realize the Truth


Dramatic liberalism strikes again as Hawaii representative, Beth Fukumoto, claims fake white Supremacy threat.

America continues to be divided by the constant negativity surrounding so called ‘white supremacists’ and their continued ‘offensive’ behavior towards the rest of the country. This division will never be repaired if the Left continues to alienate the white race and promote an uprising from the so called ‘minority’s.’

When the act of enslaving African Americans solely based of off the color of their skin erupted in the Civil War more than a hundred and fifty years ago, America realized the weakness of a country divided and came to an overall understanding that racial, and later gender, equality is what the future had in store.

Now the age old story that a country that refuses to listen to the warnings of history are bound to repeat the same mistakes is taking place on American soil. If the past has taught us anything it’s that the alienation of any one race or religion results in mass casualties and ultimately war if a peaceful resolution can’t be agreed upon.

Beth Fukumoto the Democratic representative from the 36th district of Hawaii has decided that the possible faking of a ‘white supremacist’ threat is the proper way to defuse racism in the country. Regardless of whether or not the threat is legitimate, continuing the turmoil of racial segregation by sharing the thoughts of one ignorant ‘white supremacist’ proves that democrats only have one thing on their agenda: utter devastation of the American government because liberals have a bruised ego as a result from losing to ‘celebrity’ Donald Trump.

Via Conservative Tribune:

A Democrat state representative used social media to share a hate letter she claimed to have received from a Trump supporter, but internet sleuths are pointing out how it could be just another liberal hoax.

Hawaii state Rep. Beth Fukumoto posted a copy of the alleged letter last Wednesday.

“Got this in the mail today,” she wrote on Aug. 16. “You need to understand your words have consequences @realDonaldTrump #racism #WhiteNationalism”

“Dear B****,” the letter began, “Your poor grand parents got put into a camp in the USA? Boo hoo hoo ― you Japs murdered thousands of servicemen at Pearl Harbor – did you forget that detail?”

The note went on to say that “we Trump supporters hate illegals, black thugs, Muslims and bombs, and gays who do nothing but b**** 24 hours a day — and bleeding heart traitor morons like you who ‘condone’ it.”

Beth Fukumoto

First off, why would anyone feel like this is an appropriate letter to share? Secondly, I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that ‘radicalism’ exists in every aspect of life and that is in no way a representation of the whole. Isn’t that the exact statement democrats have regarding the ‘unfair’ treatment of the Muslim community?

Fukumoto also provided The Huffington Post with a photo of the envelope the alleged hate mail arrived in, but that only raised more questions about the authenticity of the letter.

A Twitter user who calls himself Thomas Wictor pointed out several things wrong with what he saw.

He claimed that the the post office did not cancel the stamps and the barcode at the bottom of the envelop was an “intelligent mail barcode” used by commercial mailers — which would only make sense if the letter came from the representative’s office. (However, The Huffington Post reports that the code was printed by the post office’s sorting machines.)

The stamps are 10-cent commemorative stamps, which were printed in 1975. Makes one wonder — who would use collector’s stamps on hate mail?

And as 70News points out, the scanned ZIP code on the envelope, 96813-2477, is from Honolulu, not Los Angeles, where the letter supposedly originated.

Beth Fukumoto

Why do liberals and the mainstream media continue the need to present false facts in order to prove their case. Could it be because they don’t have a factual case? Seems pretty likely with the constant stream of false reporting, doesn’t it?


  1. John

    August 27, 2017 at 8:11 am

    What’s her name, fuckamoron?

  2. Judy Sumpter

    August 27, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    What makes Democrats think they need to continue bringing false accusations against the Trump administration? After this long a time, why can’t they accept the inevitable? Trump is President and will be President for 4 yrars. He’s not going to be impeached, he’s not going to resign. Nothing has come of the “Russian connection,” nothing will become of the multitude of unfounded complaints from the biased news media. Hillary is not, and will not EVER be President. She told too many lies, backed Obama and planned on keeping his policies. The body ciunt wasctoo high and growing, and no one wanted a serial rapist as “first man.” The American public couldn’t stand the thought of more ofcthe same of the Obama administration , so she was resoundingly defeated. The American electoral college worked just as it has the past more than 200 years. Democrats, liberals, must accept the inevitable and stop all the lying, race baiting, and flood of fake news. If they don’t America will be so torn asunder she cannot survive. Then where will be be? Ruled by a dictatorship? Why would anyone in their right mind wish for that? Political correctness has become “UNcorrectness.” It has to stop for the country’s sake.

  3. Paul Powell

    August 28, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    I am a USPS employee, and a conservative Republican. I did vote for Trump, though not enthusiastically.

    I do not condone the speech used in this letter. I don’t feel that it is indicative of the average Trump-supporter.

    The talk that this letter is not authentic based on the envelope are unfounded.

    I do see old commemorative stamps used on mail every so often. It’s not common, but it does happen.

    The barcode on the bottom is sprayed onto the envelope from an automated machine, probably a Delivery BarCode Sorter (DBCS), and reflects the destination ZIP code. Since it was bound for Honolulu, HI, that ZIP code is totally valid. So the barcode argument is invalidated.

    So, bottom line, in my professional opinion, it appears to be a valid letter. So, the arguments should be discussing the contents of the letter, not the validity of the envelope.

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