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Bill O’Reilly Breaks Silence On Return To TV, Settles Score With Liberal Fox News Execs


Bill O’Reilly just broke his silence on his possible return to television and the many offers he has had since leaving Fox News.

In a wide-ranging new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bill settles some old scores but mainly played it straight.

When asked about all the offers he has had to return TV, something his many fans would love to see, he said,

“I haven’t decided. There are some interesting projects in development, as they say in Hollywood, but it has to be the right situation. I’m waiting to see very specific details of the projects that people have pitched to us. And there have been many. I think by early October, we should have a pretty good vision of what we’re going to do.”

That is good news.

On the offer from One America News (it was rumored he was near a deal when the CEO of the company of a sudden tweeted that he was “pulling” his offer.)

“Yeah. I didn’t make any yes or no one that. He was a very nice guy, and I thought I treated him very respectfully. But at that point, you know, we weren’t going to make any decisions about long-term projects. So they, I guess, lost patience.”

Asked if he wants a bigger partner than One America before he makes his return to prime time Bill said,

“No, I wouldn’t say I’m interested in partnering. I’ve got my own enterprise,, which is extremely lucrative, and I can do that full-time. We have a very committed base of subscribers, and that’ll only grow. I own that, and I don’t have to partner with anybody. I’m a hired gun. If you want me to do something, I’m absolutely willing to listen, but I’ve got to feel that the odds of success are high.”

On what Fox News is lacking since he left and why his ratings would be better, Bill settled an old score with the liberal Fox execs who canned him by reminding them what he, and he alone, brings to the table,

“They’re still a very strong brand, and they still have great correspondents, and their presentation is very, very professional. But I’m a different agent. I do things differently, and that’s why we were very successful. So in a hurricane or breaking news coverage, I bring on certain people, and we develop story arcs. When I watched the Harvey coverage on television, there was a sameness to it. And that would not have been the case on our show.”

We look forward to your return whenever you so choose Bill, as do many of your loyal fans.

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