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The long-time comedian, Bob Hope, was born Leslie Townes Hope on May 29, 1903 in Eltham, England.  His family immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, legally in 1907.  Young Leslie was so eager to be an American he changed his name to “Bob” because he thought it sounded more American than “Leslie.”

As a teenager, Bob became a naturalized American.  Bob’s love for his adopted country was almost boundless.  Although he was almost 40 at the time, with a wife and four children, Bob tried to enlist in the Army after Pearl Harbor.

Not being allowed to enlist because he was “too old,” Bob immediately started entertaining American troops abroad.  He continued to honor our military with 57 USO shows over the next 50 years.

Bob passed away July 27, 2003 at age 100.  He started life before the Age of Flight and died during the Age of Drones.  A life so well lived.  Like Bob, most previous immigrants wanted to assimilate into American culture and contribute positively to their new country.

Not being allowed to fight in WWII because he was “too old,” Bob immediately started entertaining American troops abroad.  He continued to honor our military with 57 USO shows over the next 50 years until his health sidelined him.


As of 2015, 43.3 million legal immigrants resided in the USA, which represented 13.5% of America’s population.  This is the highest percentage ever in our nation’s history of foreigners living here.  [Mexican Nationals accounted for about 27% of these legal U.S. immigrants.]  Ten percent of Mexico’s citizens currently reside in the USA, some legally, some illegally.  In addition to legal immigrants, the federal government estimated over 11 million illegal aliens were residing in the U.S. in 2014.

Today, Americans, as well as federal, state & local governments are dealing with demanding, nasty foreigners.  They demand that Americans accept their law-breaking.  They demand that Americans adopt their cultures, values & ideologies.  Apparently, they want to make America into the Third World hell holes from which many of them escaped.  And they take jobs away from Americans and suppress wages.


Prior to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which was the dream of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), and signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson (D), the majority of legal immigrants were from English-speaking and/or Western countries.

The 1965 immigration law completely changed the immigration policy that had worked so well for generations.  It intentionally restricted immigrants coming from Western cultures, and discriminated in favor of non-English speaking and non-Christian immigrants.

This writer believes that the 1965 law was implemented mainly to harm American culture, and to create divisiveness in American society, as well as to provide cheap labor for political donors.  At the same time, Federal bureaucrats & politicians quietly stopped enforcing America’s borders.  By 1990 the flow of English-speaking immigrants had all but stopped.

Since 1965, more foreigners moved to America than our population could accommodate and assimilate.  And pandering politicians have discouraged them from assimilating while showering both legals and illegals with all forms of benefits, paid for by Americans.


Fifty years later, here we are!  We have the highest number of foreign-born living here ever.  No doubt, we also have the highest number of foreigners living here illegally.  We certainly have the highest number ever of criminal foreigners living here.  Statistics the government had hidden for years recently emerged.  Illegal aliens are almost 50% for likely to commit crimes than legal residents, and they are more violent.  Moreover, state & local politicians in 300+ jurisdictions actually protect illegal criminal aliens, at the expense of Americans’ safety.

Pretending to need asylum from persecution, the Boston Bombers’ father brought his sons to USA shortly after 911 and obtained welfare benefits.  They repaid our generosity by slaughtering three and severely maiming over 200 (many of the Boston Marathon runners lost legs).

Pretending to need asylum from persecution, the Boston Bombers’ father brought his sons to USA shortly after 911. They repaid our generosity by slaughtering three and severely maiming over 200. Eight-year-old Martin Richard was the youngest to die.

Some parts of the country have so many foreigners that local politicians have turned their backs on Americans, and thrown their support solidly behind legal & illegal aliens.  Indeed, the entire Democrat Party openly places the demands of foreigners above the needs & security of law-abiding, taxpaying Americans.



Some proponents of the Diversity Visa program claim it was established in 1990 because very few immigrants from Western countries had been allowed to immigrate to America since the drastic changes in immigration law.  In other words, the 1965 Act discriminated against whites & Christians & Westerners.  The Diversity Visa program was allegedly designed to balance out this discrimination.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa program, also known as the green card lottery, is a lottery program for receiving a US Permanent Resident Card.  The Immigration Act of 1990 established this permanent program and it is still in place in 2018.

This legislation was passed with bipartisan support and signed by President George H. W. Bush.  It allowed for 55,000 immigrant visas a year (later reduced to 50,000) to be made available in an annual lottery.  The lottery aimed to “diversify” the immigrant population in the US by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration in the previous five years.

When determining if a country has sent “too many” immigrants, however, refugees, asylum-seekers, and previous diversity immigrants are not counted.  Thus, a given country can send additional immigrants to America even though tens of thousands are already here under other visa programs.


In the 1990s, the countries to benefit most from the Diversity Visa program were Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom (including Hong Kong).

The Diversity Visa program may have started out to help “whites” and Christians and Westerners, but it has morphed into a program that brings in more & more Africans, Asians and Muslims.  Immigrants from these regions have dominated the list of Diversity Visa recipients since 911.  For example, 10,000 from the list of six countries affected by Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban were selected as winners in the 2015 lottery and were invited to apply for green cards.

The Diversity Visa program had unintended consequences, as well.  It opened a door to significant new immigration from all over the world, particularly Africa, where significant Muslims reside.  Around 360,000 African immigrants lived in the United States in 1990; by 2015 that number had risen to more than 2 million.  More than 400,000 of these African immigrants came through the diversity lottery.

Comedian Bob Hope posing in Indian headdress given him by OK State University women in 1962.


Because the Diversity Visa program was bringing in more & more undesirable immigrants, attempts were made to end it beginning in 2005.  Some have cited instances of fraud, racism and the random nature of the lottery, as well as criminal or terrorist actions perpetrated by certain lottery winners.

In 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian Muslim immigrant who maintained residency in United States through his wife’s diversity visa, killed two people and injured four others at Los Angeles International Airport.


Debate over the Diversity Visa program was renewed late last year following two terrorist attacks.

On October 31, 2017, Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov, a Muslim who had immigrated from Uzbekistan on a diversity visa in 2010, killed eight and injured eleven when he drove his truck down a bike path in Lower Manhattan.

The uncle of Akayed Ullah, the man who set off a poorly made bomb on a New York City subway platform on December 11, 2017, won a diversity lottery, which enabled him to bring his nephew to the US under the Chain Migration provisions of the 1965 Act.

Not only does Diversity Visa and Chain Migration need to be terminated, so does the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 that grossly discriminates against whites & Christians (and Westerners in general) wanting to immigrate to America.



Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who was awaiting deportation for the sixth time in 2015, was released by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department just weeks before Kate Steinle was shot and killed.  Zarate was intentionally released despite a request from federal authorities to detain him.  At the time, the sheriff cited the city’s “sanctuary” policy as the reason for his release.

Zarate had been deported five times and convicted of felonies seven times during the years he was in the US illegally.  Zarate stated he moved to SF because he knew he would be protected.


The Diversity Visa Lottery should be replaced by a merit-based system, such as Canada has long had.  We will get mostly high-quality, skilled, law-abiding immigrants.  We should also limit Chain Migration to mom, dad and minor children, not grandparents, cousins, uncles and anyone an immigrant claims to be related to.  Also, enforcing the borders would go a long way toward keeping foreign criminals out of our country.

America and Americans need fewer immigrants like Kate Steinle’s killer and the Boston Bombers.  We need a million and one Bob Hopes.

Diane L. Gruber

Proud American

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I am a proud American who is tired of biting my tongue for fear of making a Liberal mad; for fear of being called racist because I believe in the Rule of Law; for fear of damaging my license to practice law. NO MORE!!!! Conservative-minded citizens have stayed silent for decades while Liberals have caused significant damage to American culture and to our nation. I lived in a Third-World Dictatorship. Generation after generation had been trained to kow tow to the government. They were afraid to discuss ANYTHING about the government even in the privacy of their own homes. My "Time" magazine arrived with articles cut out, after the censors got through checking it for heresy. With Political Correctness and "hate speech" rules, we are already halfway to officially losing our precious Freedom of Speech. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, rally in the streets now, speak out now. Don't be cowed.


  1. CPH

    February 17, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    What kind of immigrants do we want? Answer is none.
    What kind of immigrants do we need? Answer is none
    What should happen to all illegals in the USA. Answer is deport them all.

    • Diane L. Gruber

      May 13, 2018 at 7:26 am

      CPH: Bingo!!! That about says it all. Diane

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