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Bombshell Corruption Is Way Worse Than The Media Is Telling You


Bombshell corruption by Dianne Feinstein is way worse than the media is telling you.

Democrats get away with EVERYTHING! Imagine if any Republican or staffer that has any connection to Donald Trump were in this scenario. Working closely with a foreign spy for TWENTY YEARS, then when they find out that the staffer is a mole they don’t take legal action, they “force” him to retire. This would be all over the media and all involved would be indicted. Who has been sitting on this bombshell corruption story for five years??

CBS was the one to break this news and they downplayed it as old news that happened 5 years ago. CBS also states that the spy was just reporting back on “local politics.” 20 years working by Senator Diane Feinstein’s side and all the spy did was report back to China about California politics… Okay…

Twitter users exploded in response to this news:

Lost his job, avoided all prosecution and as far as we know, still anonymous? Did he get a pension too? How many others are there on Democrat staffs throughout the country and Washington DC? I agree with President Trump, I think Dianne needs to look into investigating herself for the 20 year collusion with China.

During the spy’s time with Feinstein the Chinese governments dismantling of CIA spying operations in their country happened. This started in 2010 while the Chinese mole was right by Feinstein’s side. Coincidence? The Chinese government killed or imprisoned over 12 sources in the span of 2 years.

This was one of the worst intelligence breaches America has had in decades. Some intelligence officers in Washington were sure that there was a mole within the CIA. All while Feinstein was chairing the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. This is bombshell corruption at the highest level.

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