Boy Swallows Piece Of Pet Toy And Can’t Stop Squeaking [video]


Having a RUFF day? Hey… at least you don’t have this kid’s problem!

In Tucuman, Argentina, a young boy suffered the unusual side effect after he swallowed a piece from a pet toy: He couldn’t stop squeaking.

The video was taken in the emergency room of a children’s hospital by Dr. Santiago Gomez Zuviria, showing the unnamed 8-year-old boy opening his mouth and squeaking up a storm. Dr. Zuviria saying:

“The whistle was stuck between the larynx and the pharynx.”

Under anesthesia, Dr. Zuviria was able to remove the squeaker from the boy’s throat.

During the surgery, Dr. Zuviria said:

“His mother was more scared than he was. It was a tragi-comic situation to be honest. I never seen or heard about a case like this in my life.”

The boy has recovered since his surgery. Although the video is pretty hilarious, Dr. Zuviria says he posted the video on Facebook to warn people about the dangers of swallowing things. His “warning video” has been viewed more than 9 million times. 

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