Breaking: 7 Schools On LOCKDOWN 7th Grade Student Shoots Himself ( LIVE VIDEO)


Shootings Are Happening In Droves Now. Leftist Are Having A Field Day With It. They now can push their agenda by using dead childern, and suvivors. You’re now seeing a mass amount of students protesting, and staging walk-outs until they get gun legilation passes.


MASSILLON, Ohio – Several schools are on lockdown and have been closed for the day in Jackson Township, Ohio after a 7th grade student shot himself at his middle school Tuesday.

The school district said a Jackson Memorial Middle School student suffered an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and Safety Services were called to the scene.

The middle school and high school there were placed on lockdown and students will be released to their parents, according to the school district, and all four elementary schools will remain closed.

A school official says the student is being treated at a hospital.

His condition wasn’t immediately known.

Authorities and school officials say they don’t whether the student was alone at the time of the shooting and haven’t released any other details about what happened.

Massillon is located about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Cleveland.VIA

These students are on the verge of being able to vote. We don’t need gun control. We need responsible gun owners to teach their children how to use a gun, and when to use a gun. More guns will help. If every teacher in America had a gun in their classroom and was trained to use them, there wouldn’t be any school shootings. Israel has zero school shootings because every teacher has a gun strapped to their back. 


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