BREAKING: MAJOR Child Sex Trafficking Ring Busted In California


California’s Sanctuary Status Is Claiming The Lives Of Women, and Children.

Tell that to Governor Jerry Brown, or the California State Assembly and you will be called a RACIST!

One thing we’ve all learned about California is you can literally show liberals an illegal murdering an American citizen in cold blood, and they will claim it’s the American’s fault. Yes, this is a reality. We watched it with Kathryn Steinle, and many other Americans murdered by illegal aliens. No, not all illegals are bad people, but the majority of them are not here to work hard and send money back to their families. They’re here to live off the American people. They’re here to push drugs, and even worse…… traffick women and children for sex.

Los Angeles, CA — In a massive statewide operation targeting human traffickers, hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually-exploited children were saved.

The bust was part of a statewide operation to combat human trafficking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday.

According to KTLA, more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces, as well as the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, participated in the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” enforcement operation, according to a sheriff’s news release. VIA





This is yet another example of why we need a wall built on our Southern Border. Liberals brush this kind of news aside because it destroys their narrative that there are no bad illegals, and they’re all here to live the American dream. What’s even funnier is when you ask them about these events they claim the stories are made up by the white man, and the police to push a racist agenda. I find this appalling. Thousands of Americans are murdered, raped, and sold drugs by illegals, and no one seems to take responsibility The state of California has failed the people. The Federal government under Barack Obama and Eric Holder also failed the American people by not investigating their own actions of Fast, and Furious as well as illegals murdering Americans at the border.



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  1. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    March 27, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    That thumbnail… nice racist dogwhistling, there, “Liberty Queen…”

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