Breaking: Mizzou Governor Arrested Over Blackmail Accusations From Mistress


The Governor of Missouri Eric Greitens has been indicted and arrested Thursday on a charge of felony invasion of privacy. The Republican was indicted based on allegations that he threatened to expose a woman who he’s been having an affair with by showing nude photos of her if she went public about their relationship. The accuser also claimed that he tied her up, and took the photos without her permission.

The affair occurred around March of 2005 way before he ever becomes the Governor. The accuser claimed that all sexual activity was consensual, but the photo was never supposed to be taken.


The GOP of Mizzou is considering taking action if the Governor were to be indicted.

We don’t want to go on a fishing expedition or a witch hunt

Claimed Rep. Robert Cornejo.

The Blaze:

 “We want to have some kind of direction of where we want to go.”

“If an indictment or anything were to happen, that would give us some guidelines,” he explained.

Other Republicans wondered whether he should resign, even before the indictment came down.

“This is a very serious thing and it just makes me heartsick,” said Rep. Kathie Conway. “Republicans came in with high hopes (for the governor), and this is just such a distraction.”



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