BREAKING: Source For The SECOND DOSSIER EXPOSED => Long Time Clinton Associate


The Clinton’s Have Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of People On Their Side That’s Willing To Go Above, And Beyond For Them

Double cross them, and see what happens!

The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand is now confirming that a “memo” written by Shearer does exist and she has personally reviewed it. It contains a “a range of allegations concerning the president’s personal behavior and financial transactions.” She does not specify what those allegations are. Bertrand further reports that Jonathan Winer, the Obama State Department’s special envoy to Libya, and former John Kerry aide, was the go-between for Shearer and Steele while he was working at the State Department.

Additionally, Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley released a heavily redacted version of the letter making a criminal referral against the author of the original dossier, Christopher Steele. The letter references a “contact” and “friend of the Clintons . . . contemporaneously feeding Steele allegations” about Trump. It is widely assumed that the contact in question is Cody Shearer. THE WEEKLY STANDARD has reached out to Grassley for comment and has received no response.

However, it’s worth noting that Shearer is one of the most disreputable characters in Washington, and has been frequently connected to the most scandalous acts of the Clintons’ political careers. If Steele passed on information and/or allegations from Shearer to the FBI, and that information was acted on, it raises serious concerns about the impartiality and judgment of Steele and the FBI.

Shearer was last in the news in 2015, when a bombshell ProPublica report on hacked emails from longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal revealed that the longtime Clinton confidant and aide was running a “secret spy network” network feeding Clinton information on, among other things, Benghazi and Libya while she was secretary of State. Recall that Blumenthal is a known liar and rumormonger so disreputable that the Obama White House put their foot down and nixed her attempt Blumenthal at the State Department.

Even John Podesta says Blumenthal is “lost in his own web of conspiracies.” As it happens, Podesta was one of many Democratic officials that recently received a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee demanding copies of any communications they’ve had with Blumenthal and Shearer, among others.


So, Blumenthal is the source. There’s no denying it. Everything point to HIM!

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