BREAKING: Two Huge Explosions In Austin Tonight


AUSTIN — Officials are responding to reports of an explosion in southwest Austin, Austin-Travis County EMS reported.

Officials responded to 800 blocks of Dawn Song Drive, where there were reports of two patients. ATCEMS said the two male patients in their 20s were transported to South Austin Medical Center with unknown injuries.


The authorities said they received calls of an apparent explosion about 9:45 p.m. A short time later, two men in their 20s were taken to a hospital with serious injuries, the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Service said.

Eliza May said she was watching a TV show in her home about 9:45 p.m. when she heard an explosion that sounded like a transformer blew up in her backyard. “It sounded like when the transformers go out, but it was five times magnified that,” Ms. May, who lives about 200 feet from where the explosion was said to have occurred, said in a phone interview.

Moments later, dozens of police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks swarmed her street, she said. Police officers ordered neighbors — who had come outside to see what happened — to return to their homes, she said.

The reported explosion followed a rare public appeal for the bomber or bombers to contact the police so officials can learn more about the “message” behind the attacks.

“These events in Austin have garnered worldwide attention, and we assure you that we are listening,” the Austin police chief, Brian Manley, said in addressing the unknown bomber or bombers at a news conference earlier Sunday. “We want to understand what brought you to this point, and we want to listen to you.”

Chief Manley told reporters that he hoped the person or people responsible were watching and that they would get in touch by calling 911 or reaching out online. He said investigators had not established a motive for the explosive packages.

“There’s the message behind what’s happening in our community, and we’re not going to understand that until the suspect or suspects reaches out to us to talk to us about what that message was,” Chief Manley said. “We still do not know what ideology may be behind this and what the motive was behind this.”

Three separate bombings this month in the eastern and northeastern parts of the city have left two people dead and a third seriously wounded. In each case, the victims handled packages that were left on their doorsteps and were outfitted with homemade but sophisticated explosive devices.

Officials said the first bombing on March 2, on Haverford Drive, and two more on March 12, on Oldfort Hill Drive and Galindo Street, were connected. None of the packages were mailed. Instead, they were apparently placed directly near the doors of homes for the victims to find. In two cases, the bombs detonated when the victims picked them up; in the third, the package exploded after it had been carried inside and opened.

More than 500 federal agents are assisting the investigation from agencies including the F.B.I. and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Fred Milanowski, the A.T.F. special agent in charge of its Houston division, said he believed that the same person built all three devices. VIA


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