Brother Of Thug Who Attacked Teen For Wearing A MAGA Hat Speaks Out, It’s Bad “He’s A B…..


You’ve recently heard from us a couple of times about a man who attacked a group of teen boys for wearing a Make America Great Again hat in a San Antonio, Texas Whataburger. That man has been arrested and charged with theft. We’re hoping he’s charged with a hate crime and assault on a minor as well.  A brother of the man has come out and spoke to the media about his brother being a lifelong bully.



The brother of a man accused of assaulting a teen wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Whataburger Tuesday night says the address online users are posting and claiming to be his is false.

“The person in that video is just a bully who’s been a bully to me, to my brothers, to everyone I’ve known,” said the suspects’ brother.

A man claiming to be his younger brother says the man in the video hasn’t lived at that address for years. He spoke with us on the grounds of anonymity for safety reasons.

“We’ve got strangers coming to our door asking for him. We feel like we’re in danger,” a woman at the home said.

“My brother doesn’t live here anymore,” the younger brother said.

The man said he doesn’t condone what Jimenez did in the video.

“I just can’t justify those actions especially towards minors,” he said. “Regardless if it was provoked or not, if someone comes at you with provocation, you’re not supposed to rise up to it because you just prove them right.”

We tried reaching out to Jimenez in the video, but his brother said he has no way to contact him.

This sounds like Jimenez’s brother was a victim as well. This could be something bigger than what it already is. Karma has finally caught up with this bully, and everyone needs to be aware of his violent past.

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